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OpenSimMPLS is opensource software. We encourage you to modify it as much as possible; but We would like you to send this modifications back and, hence, became an OpenSimMPLS contributor. In this way, all the people will benefit from them as you are doing downloading and using OpenSimMPLS now.

If you want to contribute to OpenSimMPLS project, follow these instructions:

  • Log in to your GitHub account.
  • Look for OpenSimMPLS project.
  • Create a fork of OpenSimMPL in your own GitHub repository.
  • Clone your OpenSimMPLS repository to your PC or laptop.
  • Create a branch in your local cloned GIT repository. We recommend to name this branch as "opensimmpls-yourgithubaccount" or something similar.
  • Do all modifications on this branch, file additions or deletions, modifications, commits...
  • Push your modifications to your remote github OpenSimMPLS repository.
  • Go again to yout GitHub account, choose your OpenSimMPLS repository and then your "opensimmpls-yourgithubaccount" branch (since the step before, this branch should be there) and click on the green button at the left.
  • This will guide you to make a pull request (send your modifications on your own OpenSimMPLS repository to OpenSimMPLS main repository from where you did your fork at the beginning).
  • That's all we will have your contribution and will try to merge it into the master branch of OpenSimMPLS. Please, comment your contribution as much as possible; we should undertand what you are contributing.

This is a very easy process. However, if it is very difficult to you, simply send us all your modifications (scenario, sources, documentation...) to:

And we will do our best to understand them and, somewhat, include your contribution into the project.

REMEMBER!!!! all your contributions have to be compatible with Apache 2.0 software license.