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Support of Guarantee of Service over MPLS using Active Techniques started as a project to obtain the M.Sc. in the Telematics Engineering area (Computers Science Engineering) at Politechnycal School of Cáceres (University of Extremadura, SPAIN). It was cofinanced in part by Excellent Town Council of Zafra (Badajoz, SPAIN) and University of Extremadura with funds coming from "Announcement 2003 of economic aids for the realization of Memory Degree or Final Degree Project and best expedient".


University of Extremadura

Excellent Town Council of Zafra

It allowed obtaining two main goals:

  • Do research into how to provide Guarantee of Service to privileged flows over Multiprotocol Label Switching.
  • The implementation of a multilingual and portable simulator (OpenSimMPLS) as platform to do empirical proofs of conclusions derived from the research works. Both, the research results and the simulator can be download from download option at this web site.